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How To Get Rid From Anxiety 

My system helped my clients eliminate anxiety, anger, sadness, frustration, helplessness, fears, doubts, low self-esteem, and achieve great relief, clarity, feel light and in control ...
and now is your time.



Thank you for your interest in the book: “Anxiety?  3 Proven Steps to Freedom.

In this book you will find 3 proven steps that will help you to release anxiety and negative emotions fast so you can have better physical and emotional health, more clarity, more assertiveness, make better decisions and feel more at peace with yourself and others.

Anxiety and negative emotions are the real epidemic of our time and have been for years. But I want you to know there is a solution.

Life situations, the pandemic, job security, personal relationships, health issues and concerns, along with the news we are exposed to trigger many emotions that can lead to anxiety.

If you have experienced any mild form of anxiety you know how uncomfortable it is and how much energy it takes away from you every single day.

If you have experienced a more severe form of anxiety then you know how painful and debilitating it is for your body and your mind.

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Before I tell you what we can do about anxiety, let me tell you why I am the one who I can help you.

My name is Ivo Madau, I have been a certified Coach and therapist since 2012. I have helped hundreds of people to resolve anxiety issues.

Since 2012 I have been certified in 12 different modalities in 3 different countries and specifically in the USA, Canada and Mexico. In my private sessions I attend my clients in 3 different languages, English, Spanish and Italian.

While there are some differences that are specific with each culture, the challenges and results I get are universal. 

While my background in clinical hypnosis, EFT and NPL were great tools at the beginning of my career I have faced a few problems.

In the next few lines I am going to explain how I came up with the 3 steps to freedom, but it’s important to consider a couple of facts.

The 2 major problems were money and time.

While EFT and hypnosis were excellent modalities to help my clients resolve the root cause of their problem, they were also kind of slow. Some of my clients did not have the financial solvency to commit to long-term therapy sessions.

Consider that from 2004 I have been living in the Caribbean coast of Mexico so people’s disposable income is

different than in Europe, USA or similar countries.

Beside the money factor clients wanted fast results and I wanted that too. Even if it is my job to work with people who are suffering some kind of pain, it is my mission to help them to get out of it as fast as possible.

There were years of frustrations and mere acceptance of the simple fact that some people would feel much better than others.

Did it have to be that way forever? That was the question that was stuck in my mind and would never leave me. What could I do? I could pay more attention on what was happening with my clients.

By paying close attention I found out that with 3 simple steps my clients were feeling much better in a matter of minutes.

I found out that they were able to learn the 3 steps very easily.

Plus if they applied the 3 steps on a regular basis for a couple of weeks their life changed completely for the better.

But what are these 3 steps? Here they are.


  1. In this step you will learn how to know your emotions in your body. You will learn how to identify them and how to release the energy of each emotion. 

  2. The truth. In this step you will learn how to focus on the aspects of a problem that you can control and change. Using this step I help my client to get out of the “victim mode” in matter of minutes. It is very powerful for reframing.

  3. The Source. In this step you will learn how to eliminate the feeling of isolation from yourself and others. There is no philosophy in this step, just a powerful and practical technique you can apply as many times as you wish.

This is exactly what I do in my private sessions. It’s how I help my clients on a one to one basis and now you can do the same in your home or wherever you want.

This book is short. Only 43 pages.

Complex problems like anxiety can be resolved by a simple solution. In this book you will find only the solution, and here is why.

Most books and coaching programs will teach you about anxiety, why you have it and where it comes from.

I never address that with my clients in the beginning. My clients ask me to help them feel better fast (kind of like…NOW) not after weeks or months of coming to my office.

So I help them achieve immediate relief from anxiety from the very first session every time.

The way I do it is exactly what you will find in this book.

This book is easy to read no matter what your background is.

I work with all kinds of people. Some have PhDs, some are college graduates (I even had clients who are psychologists), some are professionals or housewives with no background in psychology and spirituality.

This book is practical.

My clients want to know how they can feel better NOW! How they can stay free from anxiety in the long term! You won’t find any theories in this book, just practical steps you can take every day. Some people like to think about it as a book. But I prefer to consider it to be a manual for anxiety and emotional healing.

If you already have experience with some kind of therapy this book will help you to speed up your process of healing.

If you have never attended a formal therapy session this is the perfect way to get started, so you can experience what it’s like with total privacy in your own environment.

This book is very affordable.

I believe emotional healing should not be a luxury for people who can afford private sessions. Everyone I know can benefit from these 3 steps. I am not the exception, as I use them myself.

If you are ready to start your new journey you can do it right now!