Nancy R.

 “Thank you for the amazing workshop, in 3 hours I have learned much more than breaking free from the feeling of being hungry. I have also leaned to break free from anxiety and panic attacks, I have used the technique and It worked perfectly. Thank you from my heart.

Eli D.

“Since I was a kid I have struggled with my weight and I grew up feeling very uncountable with my kilos extra. I tried to lose weight many times with diets, I think I know almost all of them but in the end I got back to my original weight. This method worked for me because it broke all beliefs I had accumulated over the years. I have learned how to break the circle of hunger and how to work with my energy. My relationship with food has changed completely and I have changed my eating habits with no effort.  I feel full of energy. This system works 100%, Thank you Ivo”

Antonio C.

 “Last week end I took part in the Total Eating Re-Conditioning workshop created by Ivo Madau. I didn’t know what to expect, I just knew it was going to help and I was right. Ivo explained how to break the circle of hunger in a way which was clear and effective. This helped me to change the way I eat completely, more conscious and loving. I feel I am in control now, not controlled. I recommend it to people who really wish to lose weight and change the way they think about eating.”

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Thank you very much for the first module of the course to break the cycle of hunger. I found it direct and effective. With a simple technique that we can take everywhere and have results from within and forever. Thank you Ivo. 

- Andrea C.

I have lived one of the most comforting and effective experiences to liberate and heal from the bottom of the soul, I have lived it from the hand of Ivo Madau and his praiseworthy technique ... reaching the left and with emotions to the limit in his work ... complete harmony, with emotions under control and a feeling of well-being, they have made me most grateful to have Ivo on the way, to be always ready to help, thank you, thank you, thank you, IVO MADAU. 

- Dra Bertha Oviedo C.

 Good morning Ivo, I loved the workshop: What I have learned was enough to give up refined sugar and Coca Cola which I consumed in excess in the last few months. After the seminar I did not have the urge. About the technique, it’s fantastic, it’s working perfectly.

- Dafne B.