Ivo Madau

Certified Life Coach & Therapist

"How would your life be different if you had new powerful beliefs and less negative emotions?"




The 2 things that prevent my clients to feel better and achieve what they desire are: negative thoughts and negative emotions.

Once they get rid of them they feel much better, they feel in control, they are ready to face life challenges with optimist and they feel higher self-esteem.

So, why do people suffer so much?

The main reason is denial. Most people decide ( consiously or unconciouusly) not to face their real issue because they are scared or don't know how to solve it. The real problem is in the mind, the thinking and the emotions.  They are willing to face any challenges and pay any price to deal with external circumstances but would not consider taking a look inside.

Please don’t make that mistake yourself. There is nothing wrong with you not matter what your mind says.



If You don’t know how to do it,  don't feel bad. The good news is you can learn and I can help you.


Here is the 5 steps strategy to deal effectively with a difficult time/situation and feel better:

  1. Admit there is a problem or that you want to improve some area of your life

  2. Admit that you have tried to solve it by yourself and could not quite get the results you wanted.

  3. Admit you might benefit from some help to get clarity and understanding on the underline issue.

  4. Connect to someone who is experienced and can actually help you.

  5. Learn, practice and live better.